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Why automate?

The world’s pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated. This means that before a single inhaler can be sold, the company selling it must provide enormous amounts of evidence that, not only does the drug work, but that the device delivers the drug into the lungs well – and that each inhaler sold performs the same as any other of the same type. This means that pharmaceutical companies have to test a lot of inhalers.

Performing inhaler testing with consistent results is notoriously difficult to do. Variation in test results can come from surprising sources: how do you know when variation in results is due to the device, the formulation, the conditions under which the test was conducted or the technique used to conduct the tests?

Using automation can allow you to:

  • Decouple variation in test results from variation in the technique of the analyst conducting the test
  • Reduce the time setting-up and calibrating test equipment
  • Reduce the time committed to conducting tests
  • Allow you to diagnose the root cause of unexpected results more easily
  • Scale-up the number of tests conducted
  • Improve the consistency of inhaler testing
  • Transfer methods between sites with less training and higher conformance

Time to evaluate

Trying something before you buy it is the best way of making sure that it is the right thing for you. The evaluation arrangements we offer with our ready made solutions allow you to do exactly that.

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