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  • DecaVertus – 10-way Shake and Fire to Waste

    DecaVertus – 10-way Shake and Fire to Waste

Setting the new standard in pMDI wasting

DecaVertus is a 10-way shake and fire to waste system for pMDIs.

In-actuator and can-only wasting

The entire inhaler is tested as it would be used by a patient (although cans can also be tested on their own).

Control all your test parameters

By using DecaVertus, you can precisely control the test technique, including shaking profile, angle of fire, pauses between shaking and firing, resting position of inhaler and airflow control. Each parameter has a large range, which means you can fully characterise your inhaler and find the optimum method settings.

Feel assured

The DecaVertus assures that each inhaler is experiencing the correct shaking, firing and airflow parameters set in the method.

Greatly reduced cleaning requirement and improved health and safety

Its novel design maximises the airflow experienced by each inhaler, which ensures that drug is removed efficiently and remains securely in the waste channels without clogging them during a run.

Replicate test methods across different sites

If you need to do this work on more than one site, you can use DecaVertus to ensure that test methods are replicated precisely.

Reduce the hassle and increase productivity

It simplifies and automates the awkward and time-consuming tasks involved in conducting inhaler waste shots

  • Airflow control is automatic, fast and doesn’t require disconnection of any parts or human intervention.
  • When a run is underway, the analyst is free to go and do other work.
  • Using DecaVertus is easier than doing this work by hand, so staff training is simpler and less qualified staff can do this work.


With the inhalers now required to feature a dose counter in some markets, it is important to ensure that the method of testing incorporates the counter and records the results accurately. The all new DecaVision module is an optional extra that adds ten cameras to the DecaVertus to capture an image of each dose counter after every shot. This automatically generates the evidence required to demonstrate that testing complies with regulations. DecaVision has optical character recognition which monitors numerical dose counters in real time. This means that if one of the dose counters malfunctions, the system can raise an alarm and stop the system immediately so that the analyst can investigate. DecaVision can be purchased and fitted to existing DecaVertus products or can be supplied as a complete solution from new.

Customer Testimony

“The ability to use the same method on Vertus and DecaVertus gives us a great pathway from development to high-throughput in laboratory testing of pMDI products.” – Abhay Singh, Team leader (IPTC Respiratory R&D), Presspart UK

Improve your lab’s capabilities with DecaVertus

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