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  • Flutus Air – Airflow Generation and Control

    Flutus Air – Airflow Generation and Control

All your pMDI airflow needs in one small device - and no pump required

Flutus Air is an airflow controller for pMDI testing which takes up no more room on your lab bench than a small laptop.

Airflow without a pump

It generates precisely controlled airflow up to 30l/min without use of noisy, high maintenance vacuum pumps – it plugs straight into your lab air supply.

Simple and convenient to use

All the functions you need to control and measure airflow though an Impactor are a click away through its intuitive touch screen display.

  • Simply plug in the power and lab air supply, connect your Impactor and you are ready to:
  • Perform automatic leak tests on demand
  • Precisely set the airflow
  • Record how the airflow is affected as the pMDI is fired into the Impactor
  • Save your data to USB

Take the noise, maintenance, setup time and complexity out of airflow

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