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  • Vertus I & II – Shake and Fire for pMDIs

    Vertus I & II – Shake and Fire for pMDIs

Take out the labour and improve the results

The Vertus I & II are ready-made flexible shake, fire and flow control systems for individual pMDI testing with ACI, NGI, DUSA, waste shot collectors and other devices.

Control all your test parameters

By using Vertus I or II, you can precisely control the test technique, including shaking profile, angle of fire, pauses between shaking and firing, resting position of inhaler, airflow control and leak test validation.

Conduct all your tests on one device

Both Vertus I & II are compatible with most inhalers and all standard dose collection devices (including NGI, ACI, DUSA and waste shot collectors).

Not only can you rely on Vertus to be compatible with the next test method you have to implement, but you can be consistent in your methodology and make direct comparisons between the devices.

Replicate test methods across different sites

If you need to do this work on more than one site, you can use Vertus I & II to ensure that test methods are replicated precisely.

Reduce the hassle and increase productivity

Both Vertus I & II will simplify and automate the awkward and time-consuming tasks involved in testing an inhaler

  • Airflow control is automatic, fast and doesn’t require disconnection of any parts or human intervention.
  • Leak test is automatic and doesn’t require disconnection of any parts. As well as saving time, leaks cannot be introduced between conducting the leak test and performing the inhaler test.
  • When a run is underway, the analyst is free to go and do other work.
  • For every run, the details of the run are recorded so any unexpected results can be investigated much more easily and quickly.
  • Using Vertus is easier than doing this work by hand, so staff training is simpler and less qualified staff can do this work.
  • Long tests can be run without human intervention. (For example, one of our customers uses Vertus to simulate an inhaler that is left on the bedside table overnight.)
What Makes Vertus II different?

Vertus II builds on the all the functionality of Vertus I.

What makes Vertus II is the ability to use the DUSA stack. The addition of the DUSA stack enables the Vertus II to trap thousands of shots safely and conveniently. The DUSA stack allows up to four DUSA tubes and a waste shot collector to be fitted as standard. Airflow is automatically switched between the five devices. The result is all four tubes can combined with as many priming and wasting shots required. The DUSA stack elevates the performance of the Vertus II.

Vertus I – Showcased at DDL 2017

Vertus I was featured in the following Poster presentations at the Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference (DDL) 2017 event in Edinburgh:

An improved end-of-life performance for suspension pMDIs with Presspart plasma treated canisters, poster as featured at DDL 2017 using Vertus

Poster No 1 – Reproduced with the kind permission of H&T Presspart

3M DDL 2017 Poster Presentation featuring Vertus from Novi Systems Limited

Poster No 7 – Reproduced with the kind permission of 3M

It was another great DDL conference, read more.

Nasal Spray Testing

The Vertus can be fitted with a nasal spray testing module that further expands on the capabilities of the product.

When fitted with the nasal spray adaptor, the Vertus provides the following functionality:

  • Full control over the firing forces
  • Measure the distance of travel of the spray during firing
  • Control when the pauses in testing should take place ie. between sprays
  • Calculate shot weights
  • The ability to shake the nasal spray (if required)
  • Manage the strength of the air flow to ensure consistency of testing
  • Remove any waste product from the nozzle during testing

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Customer Testimony

“The Vertus I has allowed us to accurately simulate patient shaking and actuation procedures freeing up staff time and increasing our data output” – David Lewis, Head of Laboratory, Chiesi, UK

“The experience with Novi was very good! They are agile, helpful and did everything they could to help us. Chron Epigen only have praise for Novi and would like to thank everyone’s attention.” – Marcela Machado, Head of Production, Chron Epigen, Brazil

Improve your lab’s capabilities with Vertus

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