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  • WaSC – Waste Shot Collector

    WaSC – Waste Shot Collector

Stop using the fume cupboard for waste shots

WaSC is a bench-top waste shot collector for inhalers. It is considerably smaller and cheaper than a fume cupboard – but it can trap thousands of shots safely and conveniently.

No need for a pump

There is no need for a vacuum pump as WaSC plugs straight into your lab air supply.

Contactless operation 

WaSC switches on automatically when you approach it. (Alternatively, if you need precise control over timing, an external switch can be attached.)

Swap the filter in seconds

Bag and remove the filter with just a twist for safe and clean disposal.

Customer Testimony

“WaSC does exactly what it says in the box” – James West, Director, Crux Product Design UK 

“WaSC is a reliable and useful piece of Kit” – Bill Treneman, UPC Cambridge UK

Conduct waste shots conveniently and cheaply

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