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  • Novi Launch DecaVision

    Novi Launch DecaVision

Novi Launch DecaVision, the new module for DecaVertus

Novi launch DecaVision, the latest product innovation to be released into the inhalation testing market.

DecaVision is an advanced camera module that can be attached to the leading DecaVertus 10-way shake and fire system for pMDIs.

What makes DecaVision unique?

Using an inhaler has historically been problematic; how does the user know how many doses are left? Just one quick internet search brings up thousands of results with people all asking the same thing. Enter the inhaler with a counter. Simple, right? The user now knows exactly how many doses are left and when to get a new prescription. But how do you test the inhaler in the first place to know just how many doses it contains? And is the counter truly accurate?

It’s here at this critical point in the testing process that DecaVision comes into its own.

DecaVertus can be set up to test ten inhalers with counters. Each dose is actuated using the same forces, durations and airflow ensuring accurate results. When the DecaVision module is attached to DecaVertus and the sequencing begins it photographs the counters of each of the inhalers simultaneously. The outcome is consistent results that have evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of the inhaler and the dosage users can expect to receive.

DecaVision was launched at last December’s Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference (DDL 2017) in Edinburgh alongside the newly available Vertus Plus. Both products were well received by visitors to the stand.

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February 2018