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  • Novi Launch Vertus Plus

    Novi Launch Vertus Plus

Novi Launch Vertus Plus – Shake and Fire with Automatic Shot Weight for pMDIs

Novi launch Vertus Plus at the Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference (DDL) 2017 in Edinburgh.

The Vertus Plus is the latest product available from Novi. Building on the original Vertus the Vertus Plus has a five decimal place Mettler Toledo analytical balance fully integrated into the system meaning that shot weight data can be automatically captured without interaction from the analyst.

This provides a wealth of possibilities for increasing throughput and reliability of your tests whilst radically reducing analyst workload for weighing operations.

Combined with the DUSA stack and multi-step methods also available on the standard Vertus, sophisticated automated routines such as shot-weight studies and through-life DCU testing can be launched at the touch of a button.

Vertus Plus is the same size as the standard model, meaning that all of this powerful automation is provided in a bench-top system at an affordable price.

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December 2017